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Youth lodge
Welcome teachers and student campaigners! We are so happy to see how many schools and universities are getting involved in Moose Hide Campaign Day this year. Here you will find more information about youth workshops and teacher resources for May 12th and beyond.

Please feel free to preview all the workshops to find the one that best fits your classroom community, or work your way through all of them over the coming weeks and months. Our pre-recorded workshops are designed to easily fit into teachers’ schedules, while appealing to various age groups.

For information about the live Moose Hide Campaign Day workshops for the 18+ participants, please see the Workshops page.

We are happy to announce that more workshops will be added in the coming weeks. Tune back in to find out more.
Content warning: Please be aware that sensitive matters around violence may be discussed. Additionally, as an educator, we encourage you to preview the workshops before sharing them with your students. Some of the stories could be triggering for some individuals as they face the topic of violence. Some content is more appropriate for older audiences.

Please remember to give students context and be prepared to have open discussions with them in class. Many of the proposed activities in the educator guides involve action projects to encourage students to be a part of the solution. We recommend you have supports, such as a guidance counsellor, available for students who may need assistance or additional time to process. Please visit the Wellness Centre to discover other support resources available.

Tech guide

Take a look at our K-12 Tech guide for resources on how to participate on the day, access the agenda, watch the livestream and participate in the workshops.

Tech guide


We’d love you to get the word out about #MooseHideCampaignDay on social media. Take a look at our Social Media Playbook, which is full of ideas, hashtags, suggested messages and ready-to-share graphics and videos for all social media channels.

Social media playbook

Youth Workshops

Notorious Cree - Moving Through Life with Love

Join James Jones, also known as Notorious Cree, to learn how movement, dance, and connection to his culture have improved his life and changed his path. James speaks to how you can always change paths and that it is never too late to make better choices to live a better, fuller life. James Jones is a traditional hoop dance artist who ranked among the top 5 hoop dancers in the world. James now has moved into the social media world and shares his culture, teachings, and dances via Tik Tok to his 3.7 million followers.

Teacher's guide and lesson plan

This workshop is intended for ages 12+

Kendra Jessie - Movement is Medicine

Kendra Jessie is a Cree and Ukrainian woman from Sucker Creek First Nation in traditional Treaty 8 Territory in northern Alberta. She is a certified personal fitness trainer, Nike N7 athlete and wellness facilitator who advocates for healing and balance within Indigenous communities through mindful movement, holistic health and cultural practices. Within this workshop Kendra speaks to self confidence, living in the moment, using movement as medicine, healing from inter-generational trauma, and her story to live life on a good path.
Teacher's guide and lesson plan

This workshop is intended for ages 12+

Theland Kicknosway - Young People in Advocacy

Join Theland Kicknosway to learn more about his journey of advocacy for MMIWG, including what led him here, how he is accomplishing his goals, and the cross Canada journey he did in 2021 to raise awareness. Theland will speak to how anyone of any age can be an advocate for change and how young people are the leaders of tomorrow and deserve to take up their space. Theland is Potawatami and Cree, and a member of the Wolf Clan. At just fourteen years old, he was already an activist, a role model, and an educator who weaves his culture into all that he does.
Teacher's guide and lesson plan

This workshop is intended for ages 12+

DJ Kookum - Music is Good Medicine

Join DJ Kookum as she tells her story of going from "rez girl shy" to a world touring DJ! Music has always been medicine to bring people of all cultures together as well as an important way to express your emotions, thoughts, feelings, and to have your voice heard. DJ Kookum is an inspiration to Indigenous youth and all aspiring musicians! Let's spend some time with her and make some music!
Teacher's guide and lesson plan

This workshop is intended for ages 12+

Emma Hassencahl-Perley - Art is Medicine

Join Emma Hassencahl-Perley for a “Paint Night” like art experience. Emma has created a beautiful custom drawing that you are invited to recreate throughout the workshop. She speaks to the techniques she uses to draw such as the grid technique and how she incorporates her culture into her art. This workshop links Emma’s work as an artist to her passion for advocacy and how she has used art to raise awareness. Emma Hassencahl-Perley is Wolastoqew from Neqotkuk (Tobique First Nation), NB. She is a visual artist, emerging curator, and an instructor at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.

Teacher's guide and lesson plan

This workshop is intended for ages 12+

Good Medicine

Join Hereditary Chief and Elder Dominique Rankin and Marie-Josée Tardif to learn more about the notion of Good Medicine. These traditional teachers and knowledge keepers help us to understand what medicine is to Indigenous Peoples and how we can find good medicine in many different places. They talk about the Moose Hide Campaign as good medicine for a Canadian illness: domestic and gender-based violence.
Teacher's guide and lesson plan

This workshop is intended for ages 10+

La Bonne Médecine

Bienvenue à notre atelier « La bonne médicine » avec les animateurs Marie-Josée Tardif et le chef héréditaire et ainé T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin. Passe du temps avec ces deux gardiens du savoir et découvre le concept de bonne médecine et ce qu’il signifie pour les peuples autochtones. Apprends des leçons de la culture algonquine sur les médecines traditionnelles et sacrées, la médecine animale, les paniers d’écorce, les tambours et les chants traditionnels, les cercles de parole, l’amour, le rire, et la médecine du cuir d’orignal.
Guide et plan de cours

cet atelier est destiné aux plus de 10 ans - Youth Mental Health

Join Jessica and Alexia from in a discussion about the importance of mental health. is the only charity in Canada that partners with young leaders in every province and territory to improve youth mental health outcomes in their communities. Their reasons are clear: suicide remains the leading health-related cause of death for young people, accounting for 25% of youth death. This work aims to enhance young people's ability to recognize struggle in both themselves and their peers, seek out appropriate mental health support and resources, and advocate for systems that are better able to meet the diverse and complex needs of young people.
Teacher's guide and lesson plan

This workshop is intended for ages 14+

Workshop videos and other resources

The following workshops were developed for our first virtual Moose Hide Campaign Day in 2021. Please feel free to explore them as well.

Each workshop includes a Teacher's Guide as a downloadable PDF in the description.

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