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Elders' Lodge
We always value the words of Elders and traditional knowledge keepers who guide us in our work. We are so grateful for their guidance.

Find cultural teachings from Elders and knowledge keepers here.
Elder Melvin Abraham shares a little of his story growing up and learning from his grandfather - and now being a good role model to his own grandson. First in Cree (0.05 - 6.09) and then in English (6.09 - 11.31). Both Elders are from the Frog Lake Cree Nation.
Elder Moise Paul from Frog Lake Cree Nation shares teachings on traditional protocols and respecting the women in your life.
Elder T8aminik Rankin tells us about the harmonious roles of men and women, as he observed them in his parents growing up as part of the Algonquin Nation.
Colonialism brought with it a lot of violence, says Elder Lee Brown. The Moose Hide Campaign is a way to use traditional knowledge to begin to restore the balance.
Elder Marie Josée Tardif talks about the feminine and masculine within each of us - and how to start restoring the balance as a society.
Elder Moise Paul shares his story and his thoughts on healthy masculinity - first in Cree (0.05 - 5.45) and then translated by Elder Melvin Abraham into English (5.45 - 11.33). Both Elders are from the Frog Lake Cree Nation.