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Fasters' Fire
We’re inviting all men and boys to stand together and #FastToEndViolence for Moose Hide Campaign Day. Anyone, of any gender, is also welcome to join. Find cultural teachings about fasting from Elders and knowledge keepers below.

A one-day fast has always been a big part of Moose Hide Campaign Day. It’s a chance to humble ourselves, it’s a healing ceremony and an act to demonstrate commitment to the cause. We stand shoulder to shoulder, united in our mission to end violence against women and children.

The fast should be from sunup to sundown. We’ll be streaming a morning ceremony as the sun touches Turtle Island in the east, and a fast-breaking ceremony as the sun leaves in the west. Take the timings of your fast from your time zone.

“Many men are in pain and trapped in a society with few options and limited supports to help them heal. Fasting is a pathway to healing, and we believe that healing amongst men will reduce instances of violence against women and children.”

Paul Lacerte, co-founder of the Moose Hide Campaign

Read more about fasting and guidance for taking part in our Fasting Guide.