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Moose Hide Campaign Day isn’t just about what happens here on the livestream and in our workshops. It’s about each and every one of you – and what action you take out there to spread the word of the campaign and drive change.

Wear and share your moose hide pin, post about the day on social media, run a campaign or event in your community, organization, school or university.

The moose hide pin is the symbol of the campaign – a commitment to stand up against violence now worn by over two million Canadians.

You can (order as many pins as you like here) – completely free – and a vegan version is also available.

Share the day on social media

We’d love you to get the word out about #MooseHideCampaignDay on social media. Take a look at our Social Media Playbook, which is full of ideas, hashtags, suggested messages and ready-to-share graphics and videos for all social media channels. Check out a selection of the graphics below.

Share this video

Share the below Moose Hide Campaign Day video on social media. Also find it pinned to our Facebook and Twitter pages – and on IGTV.

Share Why you wear

Tell us why you wear your moose hide pin – and what your commitment is to the campaign. Take a selfie with your pin or shoot a video, using #MooseHidePledge to share your words


Scroll through the gallery to hear messages from our amazing partners and supporters standing behind the Campaign.

Premier John Horgan and Murray Rankin, Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, have issued the following statement in support of the Moose Hide campaign's Provincial Gathering and Day of Fasting:

"By proclaiming Feb. 11, 2021, as Moose Hide Campaign Day in the Province of British Columbia, we show our government is committed to the work of ending gender-based violence and racism that make so many Indigenous women, girls, gender-diverse and two-spirit people unsafe. Together with campaigns like Moose Hide, and with survivors, family members and communities, we will build a safer and more just province for everyone who calls this land home.

By wearing Moose Hide pins and having conversations about this important campaign, we will all help bring ourselves closer to that brighter future."  Download the press release  PDF