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Main Workshops
Watch the interactive workshops that were held on Moose Hide Campaign Day by clicking the links below.
K-12 workshops and all other youth activities and resources can be found in the Youth Lodge.

Indigenous families talking about intergenerational effects (Facilitated by Elaine Kicknosway & Vince Kicknosway / Des familles autochtones parlent des répercussions intergénérationnelles (Facilitée par Elaine Kicknosway and Vince Kicknosway)

This workshop will include a simultaneous French translation option.

Cet atelier comprendra une traduction simultanée en français. Voir ci-dessous pour la description de l'atelier en français.

Discussing as our family has and have been addressing inter-generational affects/effects with the 7 grandfather teachings / how we as individuals and families can bring awareness to our behaviours interrelated to the ongoing resilience and love for ourselves.

Discussion sur les façons dont notre famille a fait face aux répercussions intergénérationnelles grâce aux sept enseignements sacrés et sur les façons dont nous pouvons, individuellement ou en famille, jeter un nouveau regard sur nos comportements, en lien avec la résilience constante et l’amour de soi.

Integrating Indigenous wisdom into daily practice (Facilitated by Leslie McGarry)

Join Leslie McGarry, of the Kwagiulth First Nation as we Explore, Learn, Discover, Experience and/or Revisit the benefits of integrating Indigenous Wisdom into our daily practice. We will discuss how Indigenous cultures focus on a holistic understanding of the whole that emerged from the millennium of their existence and experiences; when walking softly on the earth was integral to living in balance with all life, long before contemporary terms like “carbon footprint,” “green economy,” and “sustainability” were in common usage; and why traditional western worldviews tend to be more concerned with science and concentrate on compartmentalized knowledge. 

This gathering will offer insights into how integration of traditional values, teachings, practices & protocols effectively serve Indigenous Peoples as they, “Stand up against violence towards women and children.”  

Cultivating Safe Spaces (Facilitated by Elaine Alec)

Cultivating Safe Spaces utilizes Indigenous stories, teachings and language to cultivate safe space for healing, communication and learning.

It starts with me! Acknowledging and empowering  ourselves and each other in this journey to end violence  (Facilitated by Stephanie Papik, Nicole Gagnon, Nicole Evanoff, John Kervel & Shannon Williams)

It starts with me. Calling in those with curiosity, an open heart and mind. Inviting in those who feel some resistance to this journey. All humans are welcome! Ending violence requires each of us shifting our attitude, language, skills, and behaviors, without blame or shame.  

How do you begin?  What blind spots do you recognize? What steps have you taken or want to take on this journey on continuous learning, self-reflection and shifting of practices, processes, and the way we communicate? How will new information you receive inform your approach going forward? 

This collective story harvest workshop of self-discovery and awareness will help you reflect on, with humility, and inform your practice and approach moving forward.

Mino Matisi8in - The philosophy of well-being according to the Algonquins (Facilitated by Dominique Rankin & Marie-Josée Tardif)/Mino Matisi8in – La philosophie du bien-être selon les Algonquins (Facilitée par Dominique Rankin & Marie-Josée Tardif)

How to achieve it? This is what grandfather T8aminik tells us in this talk based on the Medicine Wheel and the "Seven Grandfathers' Teachings." An Indian Residential School survivor, this former Grand Chief of the Algonquin Nation is a vibrant example of resilience and joie de vivre.

Embark with him on a journey to the heart of Canada's boreal forest. Let yourself be lulled by the songs and words of wisdom of a precious tradition. By deep and simple philosophical teachings to better understand and accept the ups and downs of life and to find harmony with oneself and nature.

Verna McGregor - Expanding on the issue of Violence Against Women

An Elder once mentioned: "As we are working on the healing of violence against the Life Givers (Women), maybe we can also heal the violence against the biggest Life Giver - the Earth or Mother Earth." Why we call the Earth "Mother Earth" is that she provides everything for us, as humans and all creation, to have a good life, similar to what a Mother provides for her children.

The workshop will commence with an overview or teaching on the issue of violence against women and girls and traditional understandings including our role as humans as caretakers of Mother Earth. A group discussion will follow on ideas on how one can also heal Mother Earth as one is becoming more aware of healing the issue of violence against women and girls. Everything is interconnected.

Developing your vision of healing to walk forward after the Moosehide Campaign fast!