Moose Hide Campaign Day
Daybreak Ceremony
Fast-breaking Ceremony

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11 February 2021

We are so grateful to all those who joined us for Moose Hide Campaign Day 2021! We can’t believe so many of you – 80,000 people – tuned in for the livestreams, fasted for the day or joined one of our many workshops. What a powerful moment.

While the day is over, you can still watch the livestreams or recordings of our many workshops. The youth workshops for K-12 teachers are also still available in the Youth Lodge.

We can’t wait to see you next year! And in the meantime, keep wearing and sharing the moose hide pin and message.

Moose Hide Campaign Day is an annual day of action to end violence against women and children in Canada.

Explore the map below. 

Welcome to Moose Hide Campaign Day – an annual day for collective action against violence towards women and children. Find here words from Elders and knowledge keepers, campaign co-founders, youth, keynote speakers and workshop facilitators – all sharing knowledge on how we move towards a more inclusive, caring and violence-free society. Discover what action we can take right now to respond to growing levels of gender-based and domestic violence.

Explore our event map to re-watch the livestreams and workshops, hear cultural teachings and advice on the #FastToEndViolence from Elders.

Remember to wear and share your moose hide pin and post about your experience of the day on social media.